The meaning of “objection” in Rule 48 of the Rules of Court

In Buonanno v The Taxing Master 1965 (2) SA 653 (N), the court considered the principles for the review of taxation as contemplated in Rule 48 of the Rules of Court. Rule 48(1) provides that any party dissatisfied with the ruling of the taxing master as to any item or part of an item which was objected to may…require the taxing master to state a case for the decision of a Judge. The court interpreted Rule 48 to mean that objection at the taxation to the taxing off or taxing down of any item is not a pre-requisite to bring the matter on review. The objection contemplated in Rule 48(1) is objection, not against taxing off or taxing down, but rather the objection to “any item or part of an item”.